Tips for Correcting Dog Aggression

Some breeds of dogs do not like to be touched. Often household family members may get bit due to the handling of the dog. Handling problems are common in pet dogs. Dog aggression and children is a very serious problem. Therefore, dogs must be taught to accept and enjoy being handled.

Otherwise they may threaten or bite. Gradual exercises can desensitize dogs to being patted, hugged, grabbed by their collars and so forth. It is imperative, however, if an owner has a dog who exhibits signs of aggression to begin obedience training immediately and keep the dog away from other animals and people until the threatening behaviors subside.

Laws today hold dog owners negligent if their dog bites a person or another dog unprovoked. The dog owner can be sued for the cost of medical bills, trauma to the individual or animal that was bitten and any other incidentals caused by the bite.

Home insurance covers these types of lawsuits; however the increase in premiums is always significant and can be a reason in some policies for cancellation. Additionally, the dog that bites will normally be held for 10 days, tested for abnormal aggression, and will be listed in the county’s list of “dangerous dogs.” If the dog bites again, most state laws require euthanizing the dog.

Dog owners who have dogs with tendencies of aggression, characterized by dog growling, a fighting posture, snarls, snaps or lunges should absolutely not bring them to public dog parks or any other public dog areas. These characteristics are threatening behaviors. Additionally, if your dog exhibits these traits, make sure that you walk him with a choke chain collar. Normal nylon collars can easily snap allowing the dog to get loose.

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