Best Way To Potty Train a Puppy

For every one of us, we have “our” best way to do things. But when it comes to the question “how to potty train a puppy?”, you can count on other people`s experience, because most of the puppy owners have already gone through this, and they know the best way to potty train a puppy!

So before you start using your own imagination on how to potty train a puppy, read every word of this article, because it can save you time and money!

First, before even starting to potty train your puppy, you need to decide where exactly you want him to pee. For most puppy owners, they will want to have their puppies trained to pee indoor, and this is very good for both – the dog and the owner. Now, when you know that you`ll be doing this indoor, you need to find ONE place for all the puppy`s potty businesses. It can be any place in the house, just make sure it`s not too cold or not too hot so that the puppy does not want to avoid it.

When you have a place selected, you will need to get some kind of a dog potty. There are many available now, it is very sanitary, does not have any smell, and most puppies and dogs get used to it faster.

And the last thing, but not the least… how to potty train a puppy faster and easier – is that you have to decide and DEDICATE time for the potty training. One full week should be enough for that, especially if you can spend whole day with your puppy. Watch him closely – you will start to notice when he wants to pee.

And of course, you need to get him to the potty right after each meal, each nap, and after active plays. It`s really very similar to humans when you think of it. We usually go to the toilet after having meals, after sleep, and after an active time. So just make sure you watch your little puppy closely, as you will start to see in a couple of days when exactly he wants to go!

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